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Discover the exquisite Multifloral Honey from the Huasteca region of Mexico.

Our La Huasteca Multifloral Honey is created by bees that have visited a variety of flower blossoms that grow throughout these semi-tropical mountains in Mexico.

This type of honey varies in color around the world, but our Multifloral Honey tends to be darker and embody a rounded more versatile flavor profile than other types of honey.

It is honey sourced directly from Mexico's indigenous people. They've been producing honey using traditional and sustainable methods for many generations. It is transported and bottled with meticulous care following Best Practices.

Encased in elegant glass jars (and not plastic), and protected by a paper sleeve, its exceptional quality is preserved during shipping and storage.

We do not price-squeeze the indigenous people, as bulk grocers are doing annually. We pay a fair price per pound directly to the farmer without a middleman. By choosing our honey, you empower the indigenous producers of the Huasteca -- providing them with a sustainable income and helping them create a brighter future. This revenue stream impacts culture, society, and individual families across our southern border.

Not only will you be able to enjoy an amazing treat, but you'll also be supporting the livelihoods and communities of hardworking families.

Your support goes beyond just the initial purchase, we at The Source Matters invest significant portions of all proceeds from La Huasteca Honey sales back into these indigenous communities through various non-profit organizations serving in the region. We sponsor incredible initiatives in these remote villages that touch the lives and minimize human suffering such as: medical, dental and optometry services, education workshops, literacy classes, and college scholarships.

Literally you can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life one jar at a time.

We are reversing poverty, not just through hand-outs, but through encouraging industry, agriculture, entrepreneurialism, education, and reinvigorating the human spirit of the forgotten poor.

These indigenous people take pride in the honey they produce and are dedicated to delivering the best quality product to you. They put so much care and attention into every jar, and each spoonful is packed with the natural goodness and sweetness that makes honey so delicious.

Remember this raw* honey has undergone zero processing and comes straight from beehives to our bottle. 
It is the real deal. You will love it!


Important Health Information:

*Raw honey is unprocessed and unfiltered, meaning it retains all of its natural beneficial properties, including vitamin and mineral content, antioxidants, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Multifloral raw honey is packed with enzymes that can boost digestion and improve overall gut health.

Honey can also be used in beauty products and skin care, as it is a gentle moisturizer and has antibacterial properties that can help treat acne and other skin conditions.

Honey Health Benefits

1. Boosts Immune System: Honey contains antimicrobial compounds that help fight off bacterial and viral infections, thus boosting the immune system.

2. Promotes Digestive Health: Honey has prebiotic properties that can improve gut health by promoting the growth of good bacteria.

3. Soothes Cough and Sore Throat: Honey has a soothing effect on the throat and can provide relief from cough and sore throat

4. Helps Manage Weight: Honey is a natural sweetener that can replace sugar in most recipes. It contains fewer calories and has a lower glycemic index than sugar, making it a healthier alternative for weight management.

5. Enhances Athletic Performance: Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates, which can provide instant energy to the body and boost athletic performance. 

6. Regulates Blood Sugar: Honey can help regulate blood sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance and improving glucose metabolism.

7. Promotes Heart Health: Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering triglyceride levels and total cholesterol levels (increase in HDL and decrease in LDL levels) thus improving the overall lipid profile.


You will love it!