One of my friends on Facebook responded to a comment I made stating that I was beyond frustrated with people not getting vaccinated.  Here is her comment:


I love you sweetheart but I think what people are having a problem with is the way you are confronting people. I understand that you feel that your stuff is all based on facts. I think maybe people don’t agree with what is being said. I’m all about listening and can tell you that I have learned a lot by listening. Sweetheart you can’t just go on peoples Facebook and attack. Understand that people may have different beliefs or blind spots than you do. We don’t learn when someone attacks. That is not helpful. What is helpful is gentle love. We are in the middle of a strange situation. Please come out of love and understanding. I hope today is amazing sweetheart


And my response:

I understand what you are saying, and I understand your intent. A good part of the reason we are “in the middle of a strange situation” is because we’ve been playing games and giving people “gentle love” for far too long. The fact that it took us almost 50 years to discover that, just maybe, Trickle Down Economics didn’t work shows how badly we are doing as a country.

With everything going on right now, we no longer have time to wait, there are too many people dying, too many lives at risk, and you don’t even have to be human to understand that things have gotten way out of hand.

There’s actually a couple of problems. I won’t go into too much detail, but hopefully enough to get my message across.

First, we have confused facts and opinion. The “opinions” that people give about vaccines are almost 100% of the time, not actual opinions. The “opinion” that there was massive amounts of fraud in the 2020 election is a lie. The “opinion” that Rand Paul should be upset because they won’t publish what he wants them to is just crazy talk.

The people who give their opinions on vaccines, for instance, almost never did any actual research…

As for the other two examples I gave, Trump went to court 100 times to prove his fraud claims, and Rand Paul is a Senator, attempting to force a private organization to publish what he wants them to…. that is literally the government attempting to force a specific type of speech, which is the exact thing that the First Amendment is meant to prevent.

So, right there, are three really recent examples of people not looking at facts. There’s no opinion involved in any of those three things.

The second issue is precisely why I, and so many others are so upset that we are screaming at the top of our lungs and fed up, and just ready to start slapping random people walking down the street (I don’t actually do that, but trust me, I REALLLLLLLLLY want to).

Let’s take a look at how people complain about the “looting and burning” in the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

They ask: “Why can’t people just protest peacefully?”

First of all… Peaceful protests have been going on for years. Collin Kaepernick kneeled in protest of UNARMED PEOPLE GETTING KILLED BY POLICE OFFICERS IN AMERICA. I shout like that because people should agree that police killing unarmed people is something really, really bad. It should be at the top of the list of things that get fixed, much higher on the list than whether or not Mr. Potato head has a penis, or if Dr Suess’ books are all getting published this year.

But that silent protest ABOUT UNARMED PEOPLE GETTING KILLED wasn’t heard. Instead, people waited until more people were killed. Protesters took to the streets for years. And yet, the killing didn’t stop. Police have killed 635 people in America so far this year alone.

When you have a problem that big, and no one is doing something about it, what do you expect? In this case, there’s some opportunity for opinion on the best way for police to do their jobs, but the fact that even one unarmed person dies means that too many unarmed people are dead.  Period. Full Stop.

Not to mention, in America, you are considered innocent until proven guilty.  Technically, 635 innocent people have been killed this year. Can you imagine if a group of people (like a gang or cartel) killed 635 people in America?

It seems that are just people refusing to listen to objective truths. People are literally dying because people just aren’t listening.  At least for me, that’s a problem.

So yes… I’m upset. I’m angry, and I’m going to continue to yell until somebody listens. Because at some point, someone’s going to have to start paying enough attention to at least start cleaning up all the dead bodies that are starting to pile up.

I suppose the question I should be asking is, why aren’t you screaming for something to be done about this yourself?