I think I have a solution to the gun problem in America:

The stated reasons people give for them include protection from the government, hunting, and self-protection in their homes. We can work with that and still honor the second amendment.

The basic solution would be a simple law that states that if someone gets injured from your use of a gun (or a gun registered in your name) for any other reason than those three situations… not only do you lose your right to own guns, but you are placed in prison for the rest of your life, with no possibility of parole.

Note: injury includes something as simple as you dropping it on someone’s toe, or even getting hurt in other ways.

People could still feel free to own as many guns as they wished, and use them to protect their homes from invasion, or prevent the abuse of a tyrannical government. ANY OTHER USE would risk life imprisonment. You would still be entitled to a free trial to prove that your use of that gun fell within the protected uses mentioned.

I believe that this attitude will save thousands, if not millions of lives over time, while still allowing the protections that guns can provide.

The Second Amendment would be honored, the rights of everyone else to not have to be afraid of a few weirdos getting guns they shouldn’t become honored as well.

It also forces people to treat guns with the respect they deserve.

I’m sure that someone will say that this somehow would violate the Second Amendment, but I would argue that by providing for the legitimate uses given, that this will ultimately end up making it more likely that the Second Amendment is protected.

I think it’s fair to discuss potential other permitted uses in a good faith argument but would also argue that attempts to say that this concept, by itself, somehow violates people’s freedoms are bad-faith arguments.

Any thoughts?

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