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Discover the unique and exceptional qualities of La Huasteca Melipona Honey, a precious treasure from Stingless Bees. With its rarity* and medicinal benefits this honey stands out as a truly remarkable find.

It is both distinctive in its flavor and its therapeutic properties and can be used not just as a healthy alternative to sugar, but as a treatment to offer relief for burns, wounds, eczema, and eye ailments.

It is rich in Trehalulose, a natural sweetener with bioactive properties that boasts a lower glycemic index than glucose or fructose. Trehalulose is also known to be a highly active antioxidant whose properties contribute to the reported beneficial health properties of stingless bee honey.

Our Melipona Honey is packaged in a High Quality MIRON Violetglass® Bottle, which helps to protect it from degradation and preserve its rich flavors and therapeutic properties

By choosing La Huasteca Melipona Honey, you support the hardworking families and producers in Mexico's Huasteca region.


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Wound healing properties. Its high sugar content creates a hyperosmotic environment, releasing growth factors and facilitating wound healing. It also forms a protective barrier, preventing infection and promoting tissue regeneration.

Rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic compounds, Melipona honey helps combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. These antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage, promoting overall health and longevity.

In addition to its therapeutic properties, Melipona honey offers nutritional value with vitamins B complex, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

It aids wound healing, promotes oral health, prevents cancer, improves digestive health, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and enhances skin health.

Melipona honey has more fructose than glucose, making it less prone to crystallization. It also has more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than honey from stinging bees, with a higher content of antibacterial compound methylglyoxal. It has a unique flavor with umami and acidic notes and a floral aroma. Melipona honey is considered a delicacy but is scarce and expensive due to the endangered status of Melipona bees.


*One hive of stingless Scaptotrigona mexicana bees produce just one liter of Melipona honey per year!

**Excellent blog

Frequently asked questions:

Melipona is a genus of Stingless bees, widespread in warm areas of the Neotropics, from Sinaloa and Tamaulipas (México) to Yucatan. Meliponicultura, as the production of this honey is called, began over three thousand years ago. The honey was used extensively by Mayans to treat eye, ear, respiratory, digestive, and postpartum conditions, and still, is in many Yucatán communities today.

Native species of Melipona Xunan Kab (Melipona Beechelii) and Melipona Pisil Nejmeh (Scaptotrigona). Our current batch of Melipona Honey is from Scaptotrigona mexicana bees.

  • Amber color, although it may vary according to flowering.
  • Slightly acid and multi-floral flavor.
  • Floral aroma.
  • It has more humidity than honey, so it can have a thin surface layer of foam.
  • It contains some pollen particles, which is also normal in this type of honey.
  • This honey is more liquid than European honey, but it can also crystallize over time, and more in cold places. (This is also a normal process.)

• It has a delicious and very special flavor.

• It is a powerful natural restorative.

• It also regenerates the skin and helps with scars fading.

• It gives a feeling of energy and well-being.

• The properties of this honey are numerous. I invite you to investigate more of them.

The use of this product is the responsibility of the person who consumes it.

The silky honey tastes wholly unique, with slight umami and acidic notes, which is why it's caught the attention of international chefs, not to mention wellness-focused internet users intrigued by its touted health benefits. somewhat acidic, lightly floral, and sweet, of course.

Melipona honey is more watery than your average honey and less prone to crystallization.

You can keep in some dark and dry place at room temperature.